BUSS N°2 - Matcha Bottle & Refill

BUSS N°2 - Matcha Bottle & Refill

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BUSS N°2 Olive Oil - Matcha

'Pre Launch Bundle Bottle & Refill'

The unique and tasty Extra Vierge Olive Oil and Matcha blend features a refined aroma and a balanced taste. 

Matcha contains a lot of antioxidants, has an anti-inflammatory effect and gives the body a boost. In recent years, matcha has become increasingly popular and more and more positive properties are attributed to this ingredient. Matcha is said to have a beneficial effect on the prevention of dementia and promote mental health in general.


  • Ideally suitable for rice dishes, fish, salads, smoothies and pasta. 
  • Cold use only

Created from 91% Extra Vierge Olive Oil and 9% pure Matcha


  • 700 ml dark glass bottle for long-lasting quality
  • Leak-proof closure
  • Printed metal label for durable use
  • Heavy-duty cardboard box for protected shipping