BUSS N°5 - Ginger Bottle & Refill

BUSS N°5 - Ginger Bottle & Refill

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BUSS N°5 Olive Oil - Ginger

'Pre Launch Bundle Bottle & Refill'

This super unique blend with fine root ginger makes for a versatile cooking oil intended for slow cooking. It has a solid and spicy taste. 

Ginger has proven its health benefits over the years. The spice supports processes in the body, such as digestion, and fights nausea and high blood pressure. As such an ideal ingredient to introduce into your daily food pattern. A kitchen must-have! 


  • It is excellent for all Asian cookery, curries, rice dishes and lentil soups.
  • Dress steamed vegetables, smoked meats and fish.
  • Furthermore, it is just perfect with roast pork.

Created from 96% Extra Vierge Olive Oil and 2% Ginger Extract


  • 700 ml dark glass bottle for long-lasting quality
  • Leak-proof closure
  • Printed metal label for durable use
  • Heavy-duty cardboard box for protected shipping